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What is SMELegal?

SMELegal is an online platform focused on helping you with your business’ legal needs – at a nominal annual fee!

For only R3 000 per year you get the following:

  • Unlimited access to a wide range of customisable agreements and legal documents, such as employment contracts, workplace and disciplinary policies, acknowledgement of debt, sureties, resolutions, Covid-19 documents and workplace posters, and many more. Agreements are generated instantly, it’s saved on your profile and can be reused or edited later;
  • Unlimited use of our legal knowledge centre to provide you with reliable legal information your business needs;
  • Direct access to MacRobert Attorneys: a firm with more than 120 years of experience, more than 50 attorneys specialising in various areas of the law, and offices in the 4 major metros across South Africa.

We constantly continue to add more agreements and resources to enhance the benefit and we ensure that all documents and information are up to date.

Why join SMELegal?

Because business IS personal, especially when it comes to an SME, and we understand that! You built your business from the ground, and you're passionate about your product. We understand that your business is a dream come true and we want to help you to keep the dream alive – and to dream bigger!

But we are also aware of the fact that legal expenses are probably not at the top of your cash flow priorities… Yet, we can’t emphasise the importance of legal compliance enough!

That is why we’ve created SMELegal: To allow access to basic legal agreements and resources for SME’s, at a MINIMAL ONCE-OFF FEE!

It’s the first step towards getting all your agreements in writing and becoming legally compliant. Other resources will assist you with your business from a legal and management point of view and to promote good governance. All of this reduces the legal risks your business faces every day. When your business is in good legal health, it has a better chance of succeeding and growing.

And if we can help you succeed, we’ve helped South Africa succeed!

How to join SMELegal

Registration is simple: Follow the Sign-Up link; provide some necessary details; attach your payment; and submit. We will activate your account within 1 business day.

Once your account is active, you simply log onto SME Legal to generate your personalised agreements; get your workplace policies up to date; get your creditors to acknowledge their indebtedness, and draft your will while you’re at it. Agreements and documents are generated instantly and provided to you in PDF format. The documents are saved on your profile and can be accessed at any time to edit or reprint. You do not pay any additional fee for each agreement you use – once you’ve subscribed, you have unlimited access for a year!

Whenever you need something that you cannot find on SMELegal, connect with us to assist you with all your further legal requirements. As a SMELegal client, you will receive basic assistance and guidance without paying further fees, but any further instructions will be dealt with on a traditional basis.


The annual fee of R3 000 (VAT inclusive) gives you unlimited access to the resources on SME Legal, for an entire year, without any additional fees payable. Services required in addition to what is offered on SMELegal, will be dealt with on a traditional basis.

The online registration process should take you longer than 5 minutes to complete. Once you submit your properly completed application, it will be approved within 24 hours.

Once you are registered, you log onto SME Legal and go to “Add new document”; select the agreement/document you wish to generate; complete the variables as requested; save your agreement and it will be generated instantly and can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Currently we have more than 25 agreements and legal documents available. Most of these documents individually are worth more than the annual subscription fee – so you only need to generate one agreement to benefit from your subscription!

Our experience show that, at any given time, every SME requires at least one of the documents available on the SME Portal: You can immediately implement up to date workplace policies; you can send an acknowledgement of debt to a creditor who’s been avoiding you; get proper employment agreements in place for all your employees; get your personal affairs in order by drafting a personal will. Once you’re an SME Legal client, be sure to use the resources whenever you can, in order to improve your SME’s legal health – there’ll be more opportunities to use it that you think!

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Email with any question relating to the SME Portal or the login process.